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Parallel Universe Proposal

30 April 2011

1.       Quilted Multiverse

Conditions in an infinite universe necessarily repeat across spa, yielding parallel worlds.

2.       Inflationary Multiverse

Eternal cosmological inflation yields an enormous network of bubbles universes, of which our universe would be one.

3.       Brane Multiverse

In string/M-theory’s braneworld scenario, our universe exists on one three-dimensional brane, which floats in a higher-dimensional expanse potentially populated by other branes-other parallel universes.

4.       Cyclic Multiverse

Collisions between braneworlds can manifest as big bang-like beginnings, yielding universes that are parallel in time.

5.       Landscape Multiverse

By combing inflationary cosmology and string theory, the many different shapes for string theory’s extra dimensions give rise to many different bubble universes

6.       Quantum Multivese

Quantum mechanics suggests that every possibility embodied in its probability waves is realized in one of a vast ensemble of parallel universes.

7.       Holographic Multiverse

The holographic principle asserts that our universe is exactly mirrored by phenomena taking place on a distant bounding surface, a physically equivalent parallel universe.

8.       Simulated Multiverse

Technological leaps suggest that simulated universes may one day be possible.

9.       Ultimate Multiverse

The principle of fecundity asserts that every possible universe is a real universe, thereby obviating the question of why one possibility – ours – is special. These universes instantiate all possible mathematical equations.